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R E A L . F R E S H . F O O D

Country's Most Loved !


We Are Locally Crafted Nepali Food Serving Restaurant.

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets. No matter what time of year, you can be sure you're eating the best of the season.


Monday - Sunday | 7AM - 9PM

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

With years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants, our chef is excited to present their vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff make sure you have a fantastic experience with us.

Dalo Fried Chicken

It’s crispy in the outside and so tender in the inside.You just can’t get enough of it in any given time, be it in the morning, afternoon or even during midnight.

Rs 600

Timur Chicken with Aaloo Chop

A variety of five different kinds of cheese is served with oatcakes. Ask your server for a list of today's cheeses

Rs 450

Chicken Kathi Role

Hot, crumb coated outside, soft roll inside. Delicious Malabar filling. A great snack for Dalo guests.

Rs 160

Grilled Pork

Grilled pork recipes are perfect for outdoor eating. Pork chops, ribs, and tenderloins just taste better in the Dalo.

Rs 400

Butter Grilled Fish

Our handmade meatballs baked in savory marinara with melted cheese

Rs 380

Saturday special at Dalo Restro

Happy Saturday !

10% Discount at all items

We have our special discount plates available for you and your family.

We are hiring !